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New beginning ministries choir

The New Beginning Ministries Choir is the birth child of Bishop Hezekiah Pressley, Jr. The teaching this choir has received from Bishop Pressley has chiseled them into a group of praisers and worshipers who understand that they are first and foremost worshipers; everything else comes out of that -- servant, psalmist, writer, musician, producer, minister, entrepreneur. Bishop Pressley often remarks, "This group of young people ain't perfect, but they're committed, and God can use committed people."

The NBM Choir released its debut album in May 2016 entitled Let Me Be God. What you'll experience through Let Me Be God is the revealed Word set to music. The majority of this project's songs were directly inspired by the messages of Bishop Pressley. May the power of these songs bring you strength and courage, healing and deliverance, and a hunger for the manifested presence of God. Bishop Hezekiah Pressley, Jr. presents the New Beginning Ministries Choir. The songwriters for this album include Miles Mealing, Laura Wilson, Shellea Wade, Elroy Wilson, Jr., Joshua "Jmac" McDowell, and Terrell Pressley. The album also features some of South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina's most sought-out artists such as Kenny Smith, Chelsea Nona Green, Shawna Harris, Tiffiny Dunbar, Claude Deuce, Dasheena Bell, and our very own Laura Wilson, Miles Mealing, Terrell Pressley, E. Hall, and Shellea Wade. 

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