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Shellea wade

Psalmist Shellea M. Wade broke through the heavens and landed in Cleveland, Ohio, born to Donald and Ann Wade. In 1992, Shellea accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. It was after she made this life changing decision that she began to realize and walk in the call that God placed on her life. Shellea attended Cleveland Community College before the Lord guided her to South Carolina where she attended South Carolina State University. During her time at South Carolina State, Shellea served as a musician and a choir director. The next milestone in Shellea's life occurred when God divinely connected her with her spiritual father and shepherd, Bishop Hezekiah Pressley, Jr. and The New Beginning Ministries, where she serves as Minister of Music. Under the powerful leadership of Bishop Pressley, Shellea experienced an inner healing and peace that has propelled her to another level in the demonstration of power in her gift as a psalmist, songwriter, and composer. Shellea’s heart-cry to God was that He would take her past the threshold of a singer into the realm of a worshipper. As He faithfully does, God answered her prayer. He taught her that worship is not birthed frompublic performance but private passion. Her lifestyle of worship has sensitized her ears and made them keen to the voice of God. What she hears in her ears becomes what we hear from her mouth- a song of power to the weak. Audiences sit enthralled as they

hear God speak specifically to their individual needs as Shellea lends her voice to her Master. Magnetized by His beckoning, Psalmist Wade carries the people of God straight into His presence on the wings of her worship. It is this impassioned pursuit of His presence that has bounded her through doors that seemed impassable. Shellea has played for the accomplished gospel artist Reverend Timothy Wright. She has ministered in song for Bishop Michael Blue and The Door of Hope Christian Centers 1st and 2nd album releases, ministered in song on Minister Donald Maloys album He Reigns, as a background vocalist on Christopher Lewis CD release Rhythm & Praise, on Yolanda Adams album Mountain High, Valley Low as a background vocalist, with the accomplished gospel urban group 3-1-3 under the leadership of Sir. T. D. Izzard. Shellea has also had the distinct honor to travel and be apart of the National Television show, Christian Artist Talent Search which appears on INSP hosted by Clifton Davis. Shellea has had the blessing of opening up and setting the atmosphere of worship for various gospel artists and preachers such as *Olanda Draper, Donald Lawrence & Tri-City Singers, Jonathan Nelson, comedian Small Fry, Minister Sharrice Macintosh, Apostle Daryl Coley, Adrian Green and The Diplomats 4 Christ, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Pastor Darlene Bishop, Pastor Sherry McCoy, Pastor Beverly Crawford, Apostle Jonathan Alverado, Bishop Eric McDaniel, Bishop Donnie Graves, Pastor Nathan Simmons, Apostle Brian Moore, Prophet Todd Hall, Prophetess Wanda Tucker, Pastor Rene Glenn, Mr. Steven Ford, and many more. In May of 2003, God has allowed Shellea to release her very own CD My Hearts Desire independently. God has allowed this independent CD release to be reviewed as an awesome and powerful Praise and Worship experience. The anointing that rests within the music and lyrics of her CD has changed so many lives. Shellea’s gift is a blessing to the body of Christ, leaving her listeners with an emblazoned trail that will always lead them directly to the presence of their King. It has been prophesied, and will surely come to pass, that Shelleas voice will take her before royalty and dignitaries, but what matters most to her is not that she will perhaps sing before the King of Spain or the Queen of England but that she has free, unprohibited access to the King of Glory. 

For Booking, email or call (803) 270-2689

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